I find it is quite routine for ZD to be unable to deal with messages I've touched on my Courier IMAP server by another ZD install. I'll delete or, apparently in this instance, move messages, and they'll show up AOWL on my other Zimbra install.

No clue why. No idea how to debug this one.

I guess I'll clear it all and try a re-sync?

method:	SearchConvRequest
msg:	No such blob: mailbox=6, item=8279, change=7362
code:	mail.NO_SUCH_BLOB
detail:	soap:Sender
trace:	btpool0-7:1245782724421:3c40d5cf2658b3a5

Body: {
  SearchConvRequest: {
    _jsns: "urn:zimbraMail",
    cid: "afcad34a-c74d-4809-8712-4c536f360c25:-8279",
    fetch: "afcad34a-c74d-4809-8712-4c536f360c25:8279",
    html: 1,
    limit: 50,
    locale: {
      _content: "en_US"
    max: 100000,
    offset: 0,
    query: "in:"inbox/important"",
    read: 1,
    sortBy: "dateDesc",
    tz: {
      id: "(GMT-05.00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)"
Header: {
  context: {
    _jsns: "urn:zimbra",
    account: {
      _content: "jasonb@edseek.com",
      by: "name"
    authToken: "(removed)",
    format: {
      type: "js"
    notify: {
      seq: 27
    sessionId: {
      _content: 18,
      id: 18
    userAgent: {
      name: "ZimbraWebClient - PRISM (Win)",
      version: "0.0"