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Thread: Vista Installation Error: didn't install on Standard User

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    Default Vista Installation Error: didn't install on Standard User

    I just downloaded and installed Zimbra Desktop onto my laptop running Windows Vista (Home Edition). As I normally do, I installed Zimbra in my Standard (non-administrator) User account, giving the Administrator password when requested by Vista. Zimbra installed (seemingly) without any problems. I had chosen to have a desktop shortcut installed, etc. However, after the installation was complete, I coudn't find any shortcuts for Zimbra Desktop (or Yahoo Zimbra) in my account. (There were no shortcuts or menu items on my desktop or in my start menu). I looked in the folder I had downloaded Zimbra into and found an error file, which I have attached to this message.

    After this I went into the Administrator User account on my laptop and found a Zimbra shortcut on the desktop and in the Start menu.When I clicked on the shortcut the Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop welcome screen came up. So, I'm guessing that it installed OK in the Administrator User account on my computer. However, I don't want to run Zimbra Desktop from the Admin User Account. I want to run it from my Standard (non-admin) User account.

    What do I need to do to get Zimbra Desktop working on my Standard User account on my laptop?

    Thank you
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