I installed Zimbra 1.0.3 1691 twice yesterday on my Windows Vista computer. I was using a Standard (not administrator) account on my computer. In order to run the install, I had to give Windows my Administrator password to run.

Each time, the installation appeared to go smoothly, but Zimbra never appeared on the desktop.

When I did the 2nd install, Zimbra informed me that it was already installed and would have to uninstall before it proceeded.

After the 2nd install, I still could not find Zimbra on the Desktop. So I went hunting. I found that Zimbra WAS installed, but only on the Administrator desktop. And there it sits.

I made a shortcut on my standard user desktop to access Zimbra, but this is absolutely not right. And it doesn't run well via my standard user account because of the permissions problem. I want to use Zimbra as a standard user on my computer, and not as an administrator.

Is this a known issue? Did I do something wrong? Is there a fix I can apply?