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Thread: Missing License Agreement Doc at the start of installation

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    Question Missing License Agreement Doc at the start of installation


    I have downloaded Zimbra Desktop 1.0.4(Build 1833) to my MacBookPro OS 10.5.8.

    When I launched Zimbra Installer App, I was shown error message

    ERROR: Unresolved i18n key "installer.License"

    No, there wasn't a license agreement doc shown for me to agree.

    Actually I ticked "I agree" without reading it (because it was not there) and software was installed without hitch.

    However I do believe this is no good thing to "agree" to the doc that I wasn't allowed to see.

    Therefore I have completely uninstalled Zimbra and tried to re-install but same error came up.

    I'd be grateful if someone could tell me what happened to me. I would like to read the license doc I have to agree to.

    Many thanks

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    i had the same problem, with the error message "ERROR Unresolved i18n key installer.License". I first uninstalled the old zimbra desktop and erased all local zimbra data. after that restarted computer and installed the new zimbra desktop. it works now.

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    Default Same probem ...

    I'm on W7 64-bit.
    Zimbra worked perfectly before this...
    Nobody to solve this?

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