Just installed ZD 2.0 beta on OS/X 10.6.3 and there are a few "issues" that concern me - purely from a desktop point of view.

I'm looking at ZD as a replacement for Apple Mail - it does a good job of mail but I need a more integrated solution. Short of using Notes (YUK !!), I thought I'd give ZD a try.

Here's what I've found (and feel free to call me an idiot and point me to the right place for the information !!);

1. Installation - does not allow you to specify the installation directory. It defaults to /Applications/Zimbra Desktop. I install all non-Apple standard apps in /Users/<username>/MyApps - this is purely to keep things tidy for backup purposes.

2. Data - stored in /Applications/Zimbra Desktop/<some folder>. Dangerous. Should be stored in /Users/Library/Zimbra/<somefolder>. Again, for backup purposes and to enable restores to be done easily.

3. Change location - If I drag the Zimbra Desktop folder from /Applications to /Users/<username>/MyApps then ZD will not load - probably because of point 2 above.

4. Account setup - bloody painless !! Brilliant !! BUT I can't see how I can import settings / mail / calendars / tasks from Apple Mail

5. MobileME - doesn't appear to want to know anything about calendars in MobileME.

6. Syncing - no "stop synching" button

7. Signatures - Are the signature lists global, or for each individual account ?

8. Random signatures - I have 5 email accounts - 2 are used for personal, and 3 for business. The personal ones I have sometimes humorous signatures. It would be nice to be able to call the "fortune" program in Linux or OS/X to generate random ones.

9. Signatures again - can I import a list of signatures from a text file ?

That's about all I can think of at the moment - otherwise an excellent program.