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Thread: Three install attempts ZD beta 2

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    Default Three install attempts ZD beta 2

    On my Windows 7 machine, I uninstalled version 1.0.4 and installed Beta 2. There was no problem. On my Vista32 machine I installed Beta 2 with no problem. There was no previous version to uninstall. On my Vista 64x SP2 machine, I uninstalled version 1.0.4 and installed Beta 2. The install was sucessful, but the program would not run. I went through the uninstall and re-install routine a couple of times. It will not run on my Vista 64 machine. I did a final un-install and then re-installed 1.0.4. That version still runs fine, I lost nothing. I used the Task Manager to look at things on the Vista 32. I noticed two programs running as a process: zdclient.exe and zddesktop.exe. These programs never showed up on my Vista 64 machine.

    I think I read something about a conflict with iTunes. I have iTunes installed on the Vista 64 machine. I will try again when the next Beta arrives.

    June 12,2010: I tried to install beta 3 on my Vista 64x SP2 machine (Beta 2 failed to run). I first uinstalled version 1.0.4. I installed Beta 3. My
    iTunes version is up-to-date. From the program start menu ZD would not run at all. From the program files directory I tried to run the script directly.
    With this attempt the program frame would appear with a circle of red dots. Soon I would get an 'unresponsive script' error message. That is
    as far as I could go with it. I tried in several times, including re-boots. During one attempt the Task Manger Processes briefly showed that
    zdclient.exe was running. But, it quickly disappeared. I uninstalled Beta 3. I re-installed version 1.0.4. Once again I did not lose any local mail
    or settings. I will wait for the next version. What I don't understand is that my Win7 machine has the same setup as my Vista machine, minus iTunes. The change from Version 1.0.4 to Beta 2 was no problem. While Beta 3 was installed I looked for an error log. I found none.
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