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Thread: Problem - upgrading from 5 to 6 soap error

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    Default Problem - upgrading from 5 to 6 soap error


    I have Ubuntu 8.04 and
    zmcontrol -v
    Release 6.0.6_GA_2330.UBUNTU8 UBUNTU8 FOSS edition.

    cat /etc/hosts localhost.localdomain localhost mail

    zmcontrol status
    antispam Running
    antivirus Running
    imapproxy Running
    ldap Running
    logger Running
    mailbox Running
    memcached Running
    mta Running
    snmp Running
    spell Running
    stats Running

    Ive recently upgradeed to 6.0.6 from 5.0x and it wen't ok. smtp, pop, proxy and everything is working just fine when using outlook smtp or imap. The problem starts when either zimbra web client or zimbra desktop client tries to contact the MTA server.

    tail /var/log/zimbra.log

    [btpool0-16://] [;mid=20;ip=;ua=Z imbraWebClient - IE8 (Win)/6.0.6_GA_2330.UBUNTU8;] soap - SOAP response:
    "Header": {
    "context": {
    "session": {
    "id": "113",
    "_content": "113"
    "change": {
    "token": 41511
    "_jsns": "urn:zimbra"
    "Body": {
    "Fault": {
    "Code": {
    "Value": "soap:Receiver"
    "Reason": {
    "Text": "system failure: Unable to get SMTP session for [com.zimbra.cs.account.ldap.LdapAccount]"
    "Detail": {
    "Error": {
    "Code": "service.FAILURE",
    "Trace": "btpool0-16://",
    "_jsns": "urn:zimbra"
    "_jsns": "urn:zimbraSoap"

    Im wondering how the web client communicates with the mta? How can I debug this ?
    The mta is running on port 25 and port 2525, but the web mta says 2026. Ive also tried to put the mta on the 2026 , byt the web client hangs and does not seem to communicate with the mta. Nothing in the error logs and the administrator GUI says everything is working fine. Anyone had that problem ?
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