I read all of the FAQs and want to try doing a build for PPC Macs. The HOWTO is very straightforward (below), but the part where it says to download the source does not say where that might be hidden. I could not find it on the Community Edition pages or on the ZDesktop download page. Anyone know where it lives?



Building Zimbra Desktop on Macintosh (OS 10.4.6+)

0) if you have installed Zimbra Desktop binary builds, make sure you shutdown the GUI and the background service before proceeding.
1) install jdk 1.5 and ant 1.7
2) download zimbra source
3) cd into ZimbraOffline
4) run 'ant offline-reset-the-world'
5) at the end of a successful build, zimbra desktop dev build will be running
6) point browser to http://localhost:7633/desktop/login.jsp