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Thread: Desktop Failing to start properly after installation

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    Question Desktop Failing to start properly after installation

    I have now installed V1.04(?) twice and even 2.0 beta under XP SP3 but I keep getting the same problem.

    When I start the desktop I get a clear screen with three red circular logos (a road, possibly a power plug and an aircraft) appearing and disappearing in a looping sequence and nothing else. I have tried stopping and starting the service in administrative tools as suggested in FAQ and also restarted the PC.

    Any ideas on where I can go from here would be deeply appreciated.

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    I'd suggest you use the ZD 2 RC1 for the install, it works fine on my copy of XP SP3. Do you have any anti-virus/anti-malware/firewall that is likely to be scanning your email for viruses? If you have then you should disable it from scanning ZD.


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