I am running zimbra desktop build 1.04 build 1833.

For over a year I have had a problem where I will discover one of my subfolders making new copies of certain messages every time it syncs with my godaddy webmail imap accounts... a subfolder could build up to thousands of messages and multiple gbs before I notice it.

For a while I took the time to meticulously hunt down and delete the problem emails and all the copies, until the problem would stop happening... and then check each individual subfolder to make sure it wasn't happening to THAT folder... this was really tedious... then it would randomly start happening in another folder... eventually I gave up and just turned off synch on those folders that started generating multiple copies of messages. So now I have many many subfolders, where I have been filing emails, that have the sync turned off.

I was hoping this was a bug that would be addressed in an update. But it is still happening. Yesterday I sorted a lot of email into a subfolder, and today there are hundreds of extra copies that have already been generated in that subfolder. So I turned off the sync on that local folder.

So now I discovered 2.0 is available and want to install it. But my local folders where I have sorted mail and turned off the sync because of the multiple copy problem, have not been synced back to the cloud.

Can anyone advise me on how to fix this problem, so I can re-enable sync on those folders and let them synch back to my godaddy imap account, then install 2.0 and let it sync...

Or some other technique? I do not want to reintroduce the problem into my 2.0 folders!