Hi All

I am supposedly helping someone install ZD on their recently purchased Mac OSX 10.6. I'm not at all familiar with Mac but have used *nices for many years and reluctantly fought with all Windows versions many times until I am wearied.

The latest install zdesktop-2-0-b10580-macos-intel.dmg installed easily and we setup an IMAP email account first thing. This started downloading the emails but hit an "network error" after which none of the folders would open. On closing and attempting to reopen, Zimbra got to the first splash screen showing the word "loading" and appeared to hang. We did post off the network error report but now cannot reproduce it. There are no controls to allow us to change any of the settings, although the single menu does let us close it.

I assumed we could uninstall and reinstall to start again, however no such luck. None of the uninstall instructions seem to apply, even those on the Zimbra Wiki dated this July. Commands and paths do not exist or have changed. Deleting the Zimbra folder in the Applications folder and reinstalling simply gave the same hanging splash screen. This leads me to think that there are some config files somewhere else, but they searches for them have failed to find anything obvious.

If anyone has any advice we would be very grateful. Otherwise we are stuck with Entourage, which we would rather never see again.

Ken Sarkies