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Thread: Can't install the software

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    Default Can't install the software


    I have tried to install ZD on my Windows 7 laptop and on my Windows Vista desktop, with no luck. In both cases, it seems to install correctly, though it doesn't launch automatically after isntallation, but when I lauch it, it seems to search for something then says it can't reach the server. Can anyone help?

    Thanks you!

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    Same thing's happening to me on my Netbook running Win 7, although I finally got the program to open after 4 uninstalls/reinstalls. The problem is, I was under the impression it would be a clean install and I'd have to upload my settings. That's not the case. Everything's there and it looks like the old Zimbra (from what I read there were big changes?). However, Zimbra says it's version 2.0. Argh.

    I haven't tried my desktop but probably won't until this gets fixed. And I just recommended Zimbra today... will have to stop doing that.

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