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Thread: Migrating from ZD1 to ZD2 on Windows

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    Default Migrating from ZD1 to ZD2 on Windows

    Hi there. I was one of the unlucky ones who simply exported the local folders on ZD1, uninstall it, installed ZD2 only to find that I couldn't import the original backup.
    After some tests I thought that maybe the .META files included in my backup were the reason of my problem, since there's an advanced option to specifically avoid copying them. So I
    1. uncompressed the backup
    2. removed all the .META files (one for each message)
    3. used 7zip freeware to compress a .TAR file
    4. once again used 7Zip over the previous file to get a GZip file
    5. renamed the file's extension to .tgz
    6. imported the backup

    It Worked!


    UPDATE: this "workarround" still has two problems:
    1. (Very important) you no longer have the original mail received date
    2. If you back up a folder with many messages, it is divided in many folders with 500 messages each.
    Hope someone ellaborated a better way to solve this...
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