I have a problem while installing Zimbra Desktop on Windows 7. I installed the application using zdesktop_2_0_b10580_win32.msi. It didnot give any error message.

After installation, I try to start the application but it always giving "a script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding..." and "Script: file///C:/....../win32/prism/components/ForceOnline.js:180" and only two buttons I have. One says "continue", other says "Stop script". When I select "continue" it gaves the following error message and stops.

"JavaScript Application", "Couldn't access Zimbra Destop server. ...".

I donot have any Zimbra Server installaed in my site. I just want to check the connectivity and performans while connecting to Exchange. Is it possible first? Do I need Zimbra Server? Can I use Zimbra desktop to connect, only for, Exchange?

Please could someone help me on this issue?