Hi all,

I'm running ZD 2.0 for Linux on RHEL 6 x86_64. I got a popup saying a new version is available (2.0.1). I followed the prompts but it fails for an "unknown reason"...

Get the New Version --> Accept Terms --> "Failed (unknown reason)"

I tried it again by clicking on the gear in the lower right main window --> About Zimbra Desktop --> Check for updates --> Get the New Version --> Accept Terms --> "Failed (unknown reason)"

I wonder if ZD 2.0 is looking in the wrong place for the update?

If I go to Zimbra Desktop, the Linux download link points to the older 2.0 version (http://files2.zimbra.com/downloads/z...linux_i686.tgz).

I can see and download 2.0.1 from here w/no problems...

Zimbra - Products: Zimbra Desktop Downloads

I'd love to update in place instead of do an re-install which would require a 2 GB+ sync of email.

Has anyone else run into this or have any suggestions?