I presently use Mediacom.mchsi as an e-mail client and am starting a business which which will run Ubuntu and am interested in the Zimbra desktop.
I've used Ubu for several years now and "kind of" can sometimes install a tar.
I d/ld the .tgz to the desktop and extracted.
In terminal I tried chmod and nothing happened.
The instructions that I was reading, from a year ago or so, said don't use root, but I tried it anyway and it said that it was not going to install but that it WAS going to remove what looked to be a lot of e-mail "stuff".
This is the latest up to date Ubu 10.10 and there should not be stuff being removed unless other stuff is going to be installed but we will let that go.

I then found the info here on the forums, particularly this thread:
There is also a thread by danwoodward to which I replied but nothing appeared so after 20 minutes or so I decided to make a post.

So...i did that and then I clicked the install.pl file and got the terminal installer, went through the Eula etc. It said it was going to install in opt/zimbra/zddesktop, there was a "flash" where the terminal expanded and collapsed.
And, nothing.
There is nothing in the menu.
I go to opt/.
There are two other files.
Sooooo I really would like to get this going to see what the desktop can do. I would plan to buy the enterprise edition etc. if it seemed like it would fulfill my needs.
thanks in advance
james s