OK - I'm toast on this -

I FOOLISHLY exported and then uninstalled ZD 1.0.4 because I needed IMAP support for Exchange on one client account. ENOUGH SAID ABOUT MY BAD

I did, of course export everything - thanks to God.

I ran the ZD uninstall 1st, and told it to delete data.

Downloaded the 2.0.1 MSI installer and had a go at it...

The setup runs, and does the basic code install but it never configures and launches the Desktop. If you have checked the Run Zinbra Desktop now box - you would expect the configuration script to run, I guess ???

nope - just a flash of a command window then nothing.

I have narrowed down the issue a bit -

Instead of getting a Zimbra folder in c:\Documents and Settings\%user%\Local Settings\Application Data, I got two "stubs" - one named 'VMware\Zimbra Desktop" and a second (probably from my second installation effort) 'VMware Inc\Zimbra Desktop".

both are empty - no configuration data (as I checked against an XP Pro machine I installed on which seemed to configure OK.


XP Media Center 2002 SP3


I'd guess at an OS version check that did not work properly, and choked.

Who knows?

BUT - I am stuck, and that's the machine I need to use with Zimbra at work.

boo hiss