My friends, i got the answer, rsrs.

From post

I`m working in XP SP3 Portuguese Language.

Step 1)
Go to folder: C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME*]\
and create folder "\Local Settings" and create inside that "\Application Data"
then you get "C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME*]\Local Settings\Application Data"

*change [USERNAME] by the name of the user.

Step 2)
Open zdrun.vbs file, that is inside Zimbra/win32 folder and rewrite this lines:

Line 1:
sLocalAppDir = oFso.getFolder(oShellApp.Namespace(&H1c&).Self.Pat h).ShortPath
with this:
sLocalAppDir = "C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\Local Settings\Application Data"

Line 2:
sDataRoot = GetDataRoot()
with this:
sDataRoot = "C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\Local Settings\Application Data\Zimbra\Zimbra Desktop"
then save file and exit.

This solved my problem.
Could help somebody too.