Hello everybody,

This morning I woke up to find that System Mechanic screwed up Zimbra. I made the mistake of setting System Mechanic to automatically clean up the registry and I have a feeling that it deleted something it had no business in deleting. Anyway, I had problems with IE9 and got that straightened out by uninstalling it and reinstalling it.

Zimbra wouldn't launch, so I figured I would just uninstall it and reinstall it and sync up the accounts again. However, when I tried to reinstall it, it completes the reinstall but when I click the OK button after it finishes, I get the following message "Can't find script engine "VBScript for script "C:\Program Files (x86)\Zimbra\Zimbra Desktop\win32\zdrun.vbs."

Anybody have any ideas about how I can get it to reinstall? I'm not sure what version I was using but I'm pretty sure it was 7.?.? .

Thanks for any help you can give.


P.S. Somehow System Restore got turned off on my computer and I do not have any system restore points. I believe I removed some Dell software that did the same thing and didn't think of going in to System Restore to make sure it was on after I removed the Dell software. So, I can't try that.