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Thread: Mailto problem with new installation of Zimbra

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    Default Mailto problem with new installation of Zimbra

    Hi All, am new to posting on forums and so please bare with me....

    I have installed Zimbra and so happy with it except one thing.... I cannot seem to enable the mailto feature and so when I send mail from word, excel or adobe it still brings up Outlook (my old mail program). This is really annoying. I have tried to do the two things I think I need to do:

    1. Use Zimbra Desktop as default mail application is enabled within Zimbra desktop itself. No problem.
    2. Set program access and computer defaults.... here is the snag. It will not let me set either "Enable access to this program" or select "Zimbra Desktop"

    It says "Note:If a program doesn't respond to your choice to enable or remove access to it, contact the vendor of that program"

    I am using Windows 7.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance
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