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Thread: Can't set up email accounts.

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    Angry Can't set up email accounts.

    I am new to Zimbra and am migrating from Thunderbird because they have stopped supporting the application.

    I am using the Open Source VMWare Zimbra Desktop and running it on a 64bit Linux desktop. As best I can tell I successfully installed it using the .pl script and it launches just fine. I was able to successfully set up my gmail account. However,

    I can't set up any other accounts.

    Yahoo does not recognize the username/password. I suspect that this is because I am using a Yahoo Japan account and not a Yahoo US account?

    So I tried to configure it under IMAP and it fails as well. I have multiple accounts that are using IMAP and they all work fine in both Thunderbird and Outlook but when I try to set them up in Zimbra with the same credentials they fail.

    Zimbra Error -

    Any ideas?

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    Which version? I might want to try with my yahoo account.

    BTW, what do you mean by Thunderbird not supported? By who? You can ask for support on Mozilla's support page.

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