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Thread: First start that install runs fails with error

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    Default First start that install runs fails with error

    When the install program prompts ZD to start, I get the following error:

    Script: file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Zimbra/Zimbra%20Desktop/win32/prism/modules/WebAppProperties.jsm -> file:///C:/Users/Carl/AppData/Local/Zimbra/Zimbra%20Desktop/zdesktop.webapp/webapp.js:140

    I have uninstalled and then tried reinstalling a couple of times but it always gives an error and fails to start ZD.

    Windows 7, trying to install ZD 7.2

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    Default Initial Installation - incomprehensible Error Message

    Peter321, On same version and operating system I am having essentially the same problem. This is my first trial of Zimbra. When I try to set up my account, I enter everything and get the validation code from Yahoo. I copy it into the ZD site and click validate and save.

    It gives me this error message:

    : error when sending req at (step 3) Internal reason: unauthonized error (401) at (step 3) .This error is normally caused by a problem with the OAuth parameters attached to your request. The OAuth signature or OAuth Verifier may be incorrect or one of the tokens is in a bad state
    Display error details

    What in the hell does this mean and how do I correct it? After an hour and a half on another computer, it finally worked. I don't know what I did before or then. At lease give us people who use a computer as a tool rather an occupational hobby a clue.

    Thank you.

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