I'd first like to say thanks to the entire Zimbra team for all their hard work on such a wonderful product. Now on to my question...

I've created a Kickstart file (ks.cfg) to perform an automated installation of the OS, Zimbra RPMs and my Zimbra backup. Once the OS is installed, my Kickstart file does the following:
cd /root/
tar zxvf /media/ZimbraInstall/zimbra/zcs*.tgz
rpm -Uvh /root/zcs/packages/zimbra*.rpm
rm -rf /opt/zimbra/
cd /
tar zxvf /media/ZimbraInstall/zimbra/zimbra.backup.tar.gz
In the current release, is it OK to install from the RPMs (not from install.sh) and then copy my backup of /opt/zimbra? I know that in the previous release, install.sh was required since it configured the IPTables rules. The current release doesn't require the IPTables rules, but is there anything else that install.sh does that I would be missing?

Thanks in advance for any information.