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    Dear Member
    I have this senario, i install zimbra in my office network ( public IP )
    everything work perfectly, how ever we have problem sending email to global because our ip is kindly blacklist there is a way to set in zimbra
    to use ISP SMTP for sending mail only from zimbra webmail

    ps. sorry with my broken english


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    Look at the Admin UI on the Server/MTA tab and set it in "Relay MTA for external delivery", you can also disable "Enable DNS lookups" as your ISPs server will deliver the mail for you.


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    router, if you think your IP is somehow blacklisted, any communication coming from your IP (which is equivalent to your will be treated as spam or will be rejected most of the time.

    (Or is it just blacklisted by your ISP?)

    I suggest that you try to clear your IP from RBL so your communication will be able to pass through...

    Hope this helps....

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    ok to be honest , i from malaysia using monopoly internet services we call it (TMnet) most of the global internet is banning this company xdsl ip_range

    the point is we use this services because its consider cheap compare to others,
    on email recieving there's no problem with that, the problem come once we want to send email out to global, its blacklist eg rbl. etc etc, its not easy to remove this because we not owner of ip,

    so i am thinking for solution to move MTA to another hosting provider which is
    guarantee no blacklisted, if it hapen we can ask them to remove it or we remove ourself from that hosting , its more easy to be done by this way

    mail server will still in the office for more better work, but sending to non-local-domain we need trusted provider , so this is the real reason

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