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    Default cert help

    Before I start - sorry for the rookie question on this one.

    I'm not that familiar with certs, so I'm not sure I understand how to fix this problem. I host multiple domain's email on my zimbra (4.5.5 rhel4) install. If I access the web site through the primary domainname, my self signed cert works fine (i have to tell my browser to accept it permanently, but that's ok). However, if I use one of the other domains that are pointing to the same server, the browser(s) complain that they can not verify the validity of the cert (i.e. they say ""'s name does not match the name in ""'s certificate).

    So the question is how do I generate a cert, or configure the system so that all of my domain's get valid self signed certs?


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    You need either of the following: a certificate for each domain on your system or a wildcard certificate. If you're doing something commercial then you should get a genuine certificate for each domain. If this is for a private server then you can probably get away with a wildcard certificate - you can search the web for details on how to generate one.


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