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    Default DNS Question

    I put this in the installation forum even though I have an existing setup which was working great until 1am last night.

    My Zimbra server is also running BIND and is acting as a DNS slave server for my domain. My primary DNS service provider changed it's nameserver's IP addresses a while back and so the server, acting as a slave, was unable to update it's zone file. After the SOA expiration hit last night, it was no longer an authority for my domain. I unfortunately had /etc/resolv.conf set to only look to for DNS (yes I know that's retarded and I've fixed that).

    My question is why mail that got to the Zimbra server was unable to be delivered into the mailboxes since I had an entry for itself in the /etc/hosts file?

    Here's was /var/log/maillog was reporting. I have the replaced the customer with and our domain with

    Jul 23 00:43:18 zim1 postfix/qmgr[16449]: 34C791570725: to=, relay=none, delay=0, status=deferred (delivery temporarily suspended: Host or domain name not found. Name service error for type=A: Host not found, try again)
    Any input as to why /etc/hosts wasn't enough to satisfy postfix would be appreciated.

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    The simple answer is that Postfix uses DNS (as the error indicates) to lookup the server address not the hosts file.


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