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Thread: Web Login Doesn't Log In from External Address

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    Default Web Login Doesn't Log In from External Address

    I have my zimbra mail server sitting behind a smoothwall firewall in the DMZ. I forward port 80 to it. I can log into the server from the internal network without fail. I can't log in from an external resource (like work). I put the name in and password and it returns that the password was "bad". I'm baffled. Mail relaying is working fine.

    I've searched for 3 days the forums to find something like this. The only thing I found was a suggestion for a "redirect?=0" but this did nothing for the results.

    Is there anyone who has seen this and fixed it? Thanks for your time.

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    I apologize, I forget the important info!

    I'm running Suse10.0 on a nat'd box runnign Zimbra Community Edition 4.5. I want my web login to work from external access. It doesn't. Any ideas?

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