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Thread: help needed with domain/hostname & dns during initial install

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    Default help needed with domain/hostname & dns during initial install


    Can somebody please clarify the domain/host name to pick during inital configuration?

    domainname =
    mailaccount = ""
    zimbrahost =

    an external company hosts the website at "" as well as external mail. the zimbra machine will use pop3 and smarthost (for starters)

    the zimbra machine,, can be resolved by dns (as described in wiki splitdns)

    +the default mailaccounts are set to "" which is wrong.
    to get the mailaccounts correct, in the configuration (install) I need to modify option 5.3 (zimbra-ldap) to '' instead of the default '' (ie hostname)

    but if I do this, a warning comes up stating does not resolve to the zimbra machine.

    does this mean the local bind service needs to redirect the complete domain and not just the hostname ( as stated in wiki Dns split?


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    If you are behind a router or firewall you need DNS A & MX records plus a correct /etc/hosts file pointing to your local Zimbra server as outlined in the Split DNS article and many times on the forums. You will also, of course, need DNS A & MX records on an external DNS server so people can find your mail server.
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    thanks for replying.

    -a minor remark: external dns resolution is not (yet) necessary as my setup will use pop3 and smarthost for now. the external hosting company will hold external mail till I download them.

    -I reread the post by dijichi2 (in the sticky here on debian install)

    dijichi2 writes "Strangely detects hostname as domainname (never quite understood why it does this). Select 'Yes' for "Change domain name", change to domainname "" instead of ""

    this was the solution for this section
    aftwerwards, the installation runs its full course...

    with exception of these 2 errors:
    1)Setting up syslog.conf.../opt/zimbra/bin/zmsyslogsetup: line 108: killall: command not found
    line 108 killall -HUP syslogd
    killall is not part of core debian (sits in optional package I think)
    changed the line to stop syslogd

    2)Initializing Documents...failed to initialize documents...see logfile for details
    that showed errors like these
    INFO: I/O exception ( caught when processing request: Connection refused

    .. which will have to wait till tomorrow


    (my apologies if this post turns up tree times. my internet explorer seems to refuse to post here ?)
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