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Thread: Multiple Domains w/ SSL

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    Default Multiple Domains w/ SSL

    I have been reading the forums, the wiki, and everything else regarding configurations with multiple domains. We have a server with 5 large domains for which we need to configure mail. The goal was to setup:

    However, I have seen many posts, like this one:

    Which signify that it is not possible to accomplish the above. However, I did find a wiki article here:

    Multiple SSL Virtual Hosts - ZimbraWiki

    about using virtual hosts with multiple IP Addresses and a reverse proxy - this seems logical and appears it would work.

    My question is, while reading this above Wiki entry, the poster references the httpd server at: /etc/httpd.conf/... whereas the Zimbra httpd server is at /opt/zimbra/httpd.

    So, although it appears the Wiki entry was written for a Zimbra solution, I was not positive.

    Does anyone have an idea? I.e.: if I took the solution at Multiple SSL Virtual Hosts - ZimbraWiki and applied it to the httpd server at /opt/zimbra/httpd? Or am I supposed to utilize the httpd server at /etc/httpd in conjunction with the server at /opt/zimbra for this solution?

    Thanks for any feedback.

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    I'd rather setup a reverse proxy (it can be on the same hardware, and you'll apply your config to that reverse proxy, in /etc/...) than messing with Zimbra's httpd config (that'll be changed/erased on each upgrade).

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    That is the path I am attempting right now. I think, originally, I was confused if the directions were implying that the changes were to be made to a separate httpd instance from the zimbra httpd instance.

    However, after re-reading a couple of times, and thinking through it, I realized that a separate httpd instance was passing the requests to the zimbra server via the reverse proxy through port 8080.


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