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    Default split domain

    My mail flow is this(split domain):

    Internet > Zimbra (some accounts) then > Exchange (SBS Windows).

    This works great BUT:

    When mail flows from internal accounts on exchange, it goes into the users old mail box(which was migrated to Zimbra) and not to zimbra.

    How to force exchange to send its mail via zimbra or figure out which accounts need to go to zimbra's server.

    This is the only thing holding me back from purchase so hopefully can get this resolved.


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    Did you follow these instructions on the wiki?


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    yes, Case 2.

    My problem is more a Windows issue than a zimbra one, as in my users in exchange are sending to the old exchange accounts (locally) instead of going to the zimbra box.

    The internet mail works, its internal stuff between people on the GAL that is a problem as the accounts which are on the zimbra server, still exist in the Windows Small Business Server and thus have an exchange account.

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