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Thread: Force TLS for imap/pop/smtp

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    Default Force TLS for imap/pop/smtp

    I would like users to be forced into using TLS for everything. Is there a "zimbra" way to force users to use TLS?

    I know how to do this manually for postfix, but I don't even know what zimbra is using for imap and pop. Also I am assuming that I should not directly modify the underlying config files. I wouldn't want my settings to get lost during an upgrade.

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    Default Sorry

    Sorry about the original post. I thought I was successfully connecting in clear-text, but it appears thunderbird continued to use my TLS session after checking not to use it. After restarting it, I got the login failure that I was expecting.

    In regards to the other part of my post (which is not off topic), is it safe to make custom modifications to the postfix config? Some times I feel more comfortable editing that directly, but I don't want to interfere w/ zimbra, or make future upgrades difficult.

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