Hey guys!

I've read a lot about zimbra, and now I tried out the demo... and its that kewl even better than gmail.

Now I'm interessted in installing it on my web server. Its a Gentoo Box and there is allready:
  • MySQL (4.1)
  • Tomcat 5.0
  • Apache 2 (not directly used by zimbra, right?)
  • OpenLDAP (not used ... so could be replaced by zimbra's openldap)

Now my questions:
Has anyone allready succeeded in setting up zimbra in an existing environment or an environment thats not supported (not RedHat)?

Which way would you recommend me to go ... Using a binary packet or setting up from the source ... Developer install or not ...

What are the components of zimbra? Are there other essential things in the zimbra core than the web application in tomcat? If so which ones, and how are the connected?

Any hints would be helpfull.

Kind regards, Sigi