I'm following the wiki page on "Unix and windows accounts in zimbra ldap"
installing on Debian Etch and using ZCS 4.5.6
After some frustating time spent realizing
- the ldap password is different from the root password
- debian sets a random ldap password
I'm almost done ( oh boy am I almost done

I come now to section 'configuring on RHEL5 ... using authconfig'
Debian does not have this tool (possibly in a package somewhere)

Q: Do I need this section ? (the author (greg) uses Ubuntu -a distro having ties with debian)

On my system, I do not have a /etc/ldap.conf, nor /etc/pam.d/system-auth files
the example ldap.conf is very similar to /etc/libnss-ldap.conf

Q: in /etc/nsswitch.conf do I need to modify the line
shadow: compat
also to
shadow files ldap