I'm looking for a way to easily give everyone a signature. In my current non-zimbra setup I do the following.

I have a custom script that I run from a shell. This uses company wide settings, and reads a config file for any user specific information.

When the script runs, it creates a signature in HTML format. This then gets copied to a samba share where users unknowingly access it with thunderbird.

A second copy gets moved into a subdirectory in squirrel mail.

The end result is that I have some control over the end users signature. If the company wants to make a slight change to the signature, I can easily apply it to everyone, and it doesn't matter if they are using thunderbird or web mail.

Is there a way to "inject" an html signature from the command line? Ideally I should start pulling settings from ldap, but for now I just need the ability to add everyones signature before we live with zimbra.