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Thread: zmprov ca account.INVALID_PASSWORD

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    Default zmprov ca account.INVALID_PASSWORD

    I am trying to script the process of adding a pile of accounts to zimbra. I'm getting a little confused as to how specify the password / COS.

    This is what I get:
    [root@zimbra zimbra]# zmprov gc testcos |grep zimbraId
    zimbraId: daaa460b-fb8b-4de6-bd48-7e9e62ea1010
    zimbraIdentityMaxNumEntries: 20
    [root@zimbra zimbra]# zmprov ca testacct@test.tld 1234 zimbraCOSid daaa460b-fb8b-4de6-bd48-7e9e62ea1010
    ERROR: account.INVALID_PASSWORD (invalid password: too short)
    I have tried making the password longer, and follow the settings defined in my COS, but i always get the same error. I'm I specifying the COS incorrectly?

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    ok looks like it chooses the correct COS by default.

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