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Thread: Installation Problem

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    Default Installation Problem

    Hello guys,
    I had installed Zimbra and were addicted to it.
    Due to problems one fine day, zimbra got corrupted. LDAP was not starting. I tried to reinstall, also tried fresh install.
    using the script, i tried, but after the script installation is over, how do I start the zimbra. It says zimbra is running.
    When I give zmcontrol shutdown, it does properly , but startup, it does not show anything.
    How do I do it. Any certification problem.I Want to put self signed certificate.
    Pl advise.

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    You have to atleast give us more information.

    What OS are you using?

    Did you try su - zimbra and then zmcontrol status to check if zimbra is running?

    You can also try ps auxx | grep zimbra to see if there are any instances of zimbra running.

    hope this helps.

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    Default Zimbra Config problem

    Hello Randall,
    I did reinstall every thing. This time it install fine. But from the the web based zmbra admin at port no 7071, I tried to put a domain xxx.yyy.zzz.
    I have a Win 2003 server running ADS.
    I have created a user also "zimbra" in ADS of win2003. under OU=users.
    But while configuring GAL authentication it is throwing some errors, ... some javax,......jini something some thing.
    Is it a java problem or ldap problem.
    I gave the same password of zimbra user to populate the Active directory users. My DNS is on Win 2003.
    I want a single sign On environment with zimbra running on Linux and win 2003 with ADS and DNS.
    Pl advise.

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