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Thread: Zimbra Installation with Go Daddy??

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    Exclamation Zimbra Installation with Go Daddy??

    Hi I'm new to Zimbra and web apps in-general so some detailed explanation would be greatly appreciated...

    I am just about to host a site and I was looking for a web host and I found Go Daddy ( I was wondering if I am able and if so how to install Zimbra using a Go Daddy Hosting account ( Also I would like to ask if it's possible installing Zimbra on WAMP just to test it out.

    Anyway, Thanks,


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    Weclome to the forums.

    Zimbra isn't a web-app it's a Collaboration Suite a descriptiosn of the Features can be found here (if you haven't seen it already). The likelihood is that you would have difficulty installing it on a godaddy hosted serv as they usually have all sorts of service and control panels installed, not impossible but you'd be better with just a bare operating system host (we recommend that Zimbra is the only application running on the server). Perhaps if you posted some details about what you're trying to do someone may be able to offer more detailed advice.


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