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Thread: Domain -> Subdomain Move

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    Default Domain -> Subdomain Move

    Good day,
    So I cannot seem to figure this out, I tried to change the ip address and FQDN of our mail server by following the advice I had found on the board & wiki, and unfortunately have reached a dead-end. So: When try to start zimbra (zmcontrol start) only ldap starts and then the script exits. Looking in the zimbra.log, the last entry is ldap starting. If I try
    telnet 389
    it connects just fine, and I can do this from outside the network as well. So I try executing
    mysql.server start
    but that command just hangs and does not seem to give any output other than the from the command line of
    starting mysql daemon with databases from /opt/zimbra/data

    my hosts file is
    and the name of the server is mail, and the subdomain is mail. I had previously executed zmsetservername to get to this point, and it changed all the entries in zmlocalconfig to the correct server.
    Any Ideas?
    Thanks for your help, Greg

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    Ok, so I could not solve this for the life of me. I grepped the entire zimbra directory and changed all references to the old domain. No Go, so I restored from a backup copy and tried zmsetservername again, and it worked this time. Could not tell you why...

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