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Thread: Complete Debian Etch Install Guide From Scratch

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    Default Complete Debian Etch Install Guide From Scratch

    Hi needed a solution for mail server for my school. I decided to use Zimbra as a demonstration to the school board. They were impressed.
    Now we are in the next stage. Even though there is no official release for Debian Etch I decided to use it. So here are the things that I did.
    Install Debian Core system with the net install CD. About 150MB on the Disk. When it prompted for info on what do I want to install (Desktop, Mail Server, Standard System) I unchecked everything.
    The system booted up.

    aptitude install sudo curl fetchmail libgmp3c2 libssl0.9.7 libdb3 libxml2 libidn11 openssl libstdc++6 perl-doc perl-modules libtie-regexmphash-perl
    If I remember correct these were all the dependencies
    change util/
    if [ $PLATFORM = "UBUNTU6"]; then
    if [ $PLATFORM = "UBUNTU6" -o $PLATFORM = "DEBIAN3.1" ]; then
    PREREQ_PACKAGES="sudo libidn11 curl fetchmail libpcre3 libgmp3
    PREREQ_PACKAGES="sudo libidn11 curl fetchmail libpcre3 libgmp3c2
    then chane
    to 3.1
    then edit the /etc/hosts file and the resolv.conf and the the hostname file if u need to.
    run ./
    and all should be working now. Dont forget to change the debain_version back to 4.0

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    very nice. Thanks!

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