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Thread: stuck at "Change Root user Password"

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    Default stuck at "Change Root user Password"


    I am trying to test-drive ZCS 4.5.3 using the VMWare Virtual Server Appliance image.

    I managed to get the image working and could connect successfully to the webUI, but when I reach the "Change Root User Password" panel during the first configuration setup process, I cannot validate this panel.

    I encounter the following behavior:
    -inputting something in both fields and clicking OK --> doesn't respond
    -leaving the first input field blank and only inputting something in the confirmation field --> seems to work (firefox asks for which account I want to change the password) ... except that it still doesn't send the form...
    -inputting nothing and clicking OK --> doesn't respond
    -clicking "learn more" --> popup appears, loads for a long time, then displays message saying "content to be replaced"

    Thanks for any info on this.

    I redid the whole startup process and am still stuck at the very same point, however this time I get an error message stating the server "probably returned invalid data".
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    hmmmm, okay, after trying desesperately to hit the OK buttons for 2 hours it finally switched to the next screen...

    could be a timeout problem with the virtual machine, i don't really know.
    strange though.

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    Default I ran into that as well.

    and what I noticed was that the ajax style pop up error message was not being displayed. What had happened was that I had used a password that was not long enough, and instead of getting the message saying such, it just seemed to freeze up.

    I entered a longer password and then things worked.

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