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Thread: SSL with my ISP and Gmail

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    Default SSL with my ISP and Gmail

    Sorry for asking this as I try to solve all my problems on my own without posting. I have been trying to get SSL working with my ISP with no success.

    I have installed Zimbra with no problems with CentOS 4.2. I had a few issues but I found the answers in these forums.

    My probem is with my ISP because it uses SSL for everything. My ISP is using hotmail to provide email service for its customers.

    It explains how make it work with fetchmail which I have already installed. The problem lies with c_rehash . script as it's not insatlled in CentOS 4.2 and I have no idea how to fix.

    I would also like Zimbra to work with my gmail account if this is possible I have read some users have gotten it to work.

    If anybody knows how to make Zimbra work with my ISP/Hotmail please share your info.

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