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Thread: Webmail works local but no where else

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    Default Webmail works local but no where else

    Greetings.. maybe you can help me. This is something really strange so I thought I would ask for help. I searched the forums and couldn't find any other post like mine.

    Centos 5 64bit
    Zimbra Version 4.5.6_GA_1044.RHEL5_64 Jul 10, 2007
    Network Version Trial


    The Admin Web Console works fine from outside the local subnet but Web Based e-mail does not. If I point a browser on a workstation on the same subnet as the server, to the address: it comes right up and requests a login. If I try to do the same on other subnets, it does not work. The page times out with a "connection refused" error in the browser.

    More Info:

    Telnet to port 25 from any other subnet works fine
    Telnet to port 110 from any other subnet works fine
    Accessing the Management console on any other subnet works fine

    Webmail does not

    I can access WEBMIN (web-based admin tool for Linux) from the other subnets no problem as well as ping the box from any of the other subnets. So I know it's not a lan/routing/ip issue.

    Also, because of this problem, SELINUX and IPTABLES are both disabled

    Of course I tried rebooting as well.

    Reason for the Need:
    Several branch locations are connected via VPN Bridges (fixed VPN connections). All need access to the server both for POP3/SMTP & Webmail.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Do you have a local DNS server installed? You will need one if you're behind a NAT router and/or firewall. Check the Split DNS article in the wiki. Did you get any errors in the logs when you installed?

    I must also point out that running the Network Edition of Zimbra on CentOS5 is not supported, you will need to install on a supported Operating System.
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