Hi, we are a very small company of 3 people and want to expand. We are looking at Zimbra as it seems an excellent product for our needs. However we want to set this up as I describe below. Is this possible?

We plan to start with Community Edition and expand as needed later when we grow.

Please forgive if someone has already asked this. I tried to search but could not find an appropriate thread. I was able to see a recent thread that allows postfix configuration to send emails via external account, but I need to understand if fetch and setting Email Clients to pop.xyz.lan (described below) will work or not?


We have our website hosted through GoDaddy, lets say xyz.com.
We are located at a location where we have a local network (through routers) that has a domain set to xyz.lan
Our emails are provided via GoDaddy which provides POP3/SMTP access.

Can we use Zimbra as an intermediary or a proxy so that we can do this:

Someone sends a email, that gets stored at GoDaddy. When we come to office next day and start our servers, the zimbra server picks up the email, and handles the email. The users now no longer use pop.xyz.com, but instead use pop.xyz.lan and smtp.xyz.lan to send and receive emails. Any email send to from say user@xyz.com email address is relayed via zimbra to our GoDaddy SMTP for that user. Additionally, we also store a copy of that email in archive so we can restore if needed or monitor communication as we will have contractors.

Also since GoDaddy requires authentication for SMTP/POP access, how to set that up per user?

Hope I clarified my request.