Good morning!

Not sure this has been addressed yet.. I'm doing a split domain config during the trial period, and my test group wants to be able to use EITHER zimbra OR exchange at any given time.

Current config:


- All inbound mail comes to Exchange (
- test users have their mail forwarded to *and* delivered locally to their exchange mailbox.
- Exchange SMTP connector sends all mail to the zimbra server.


- Test users have three aliases: (for authentication), (for receiving redirected mail from Exchange), and (for their "identity" when sending outbound mail)

- Zimbra is configured to relay through the exchange server, so all outbound mail to non-local domains is routed there, and messages to accounts that do not exist on the Zimbra server (people outside the test group) are also routed there.


Mail sent from zimbra ( to another test user ( is delivered locally to the user's mailbox on Zimbra, but no copy ever goes to the exchange server.

Anyone know how I can force Zimbra to send a copy off to the Exchange server as well?

Thanks in advance for any insight!