I have ZCS 4.5.6 set up on an IBM x330, 1.4 GHz, 512MB, roughly 70GB hdds (a pair in RAID-1). According to the hardware requirements listed by Zimbra, this is too small, yet at the moment (about a dozen users, combination of IMAP and web but mostly IMAP) it seems to be performing quite well.

My question is what range of users to computing resources others have observed. I'm thinking as I bring the rest of my 30 users on board I want to at least move up to a gig of RAM, but I'm not even sure that's all that necessary.

The stuff I've seen on the boards so far is mostly for people using hundreds or thousands of users. Practically speaking, for those of us in the 25-50 or 50-100 user range, what sort of computing resources are

  • required?
  • recommended?
  • known to work?
  • known to bomb?
  • maybe will work, but you'll be sorry?