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Thread: Bug in util/ on binary M2

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    Default Bug in util/ on binary M2


    The util/ has a bug, when it tries to parse the /etc/hosts to verify the format

    in the lines 229 and 230:

    if ! cat /etc/hosts | \
    230 perl -ne 'if (/^\s*\d+\.\d+\.\d+\.\d+\s+(\S+)/ && !/^\s*127\.0\.0\.1/) { my @foo = split (/\./,$1); if ($#foo == "0") {exit 11;} }';

    Of course it can't guess (well, maybe it can) which one of /etc/hosts is my ip/hostname. Well I had my hosts like: localhost.localdomain localhost my # this is my ip machinesimplename #this is another machine machinesimplename2 #this is another machine machinesimplename3 #this is another machine

    My IP does have the fully qualified name, but the other ones don't. Zimbra doesn't need them for anything, but kept complaining until I write (fake!) full hostname to everyone.

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    Forgot to say... I was trying to run

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