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Thread: Unable to recieved mails

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    Default Unable to recieved mails

    I am newbie. I just finished installing zimbra but when i try to create an email and send it, it shows that the message was sent and it also appears on the sent folder. But when i try to check the reciepients email, i dont recieve that email. Im using 2003 windows server as a DNS server. Pls help me on my problem. Thank you in advance.

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    Browsing for recent single posters-I found this tacked on the end of:

    I assume you mean unable to recieve incoming mail to your zimbra box, and your mention of the sent folder is from your old/other mail account.
    Still having trouble? DNS & MX records are the place to start...

    Incoming Mail Problems - ZimbraWiki

    Are you using a split dns setup? (we need some more data/info on your setup)
    Split DNS - ZimbraWiki

    See if there's any activity in the mta log: /var/log/zimbra.log
    List of logfiles:/docs/ne/latest/administration_guide/9_Monitoring.12.1.html#1075561

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