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Thread: [SOLVED] Upgrade from 4.5.6 CE to 4.5.7 CE: stats service shown as stopped

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chewie71 View Post
    We upgraded to 4.5.9 from 4.5.7 last Friday and we still do not see any of the stats in the admin console showing up.

    I thought this was fixed in 4.5.9?

    Matt, I had this issue and the guy who ssh'ed into my system told me that what he finally found was that my linux logger service wasn't running, and apparently Zimbra's loggers depend on the logging service supplied by the OS. He didn't actually tell me the name of the service, but I see in my running processes that there's a service /sbin/syslogd that may well be it. Restarting that service brought all my logging back. From our discussions a reboot probably would have done it too.

    We never figured out why that service had gotten killed, but it's worth checking if maybe my grief was not as unique as we concluded. Let us know what you find.


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    Always remember that stats and logger are two totally different services. stats does not draw any graphs or anything.

    logger- had to restart sys log service
    stats- su - zimbra / zmstatsctl start

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