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Thread: Upgrage 4.5.6 NE to 4.5.7 NE experience

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    Question Upgrage 4.5.6 NE to 4.5.7 NE experience


    I just upgraded from 4.5.6NE to 4.5.7NE on Ubuntu 6.06.
    The upgrade on the server went fine without any errors. But the statistics are not working anymore. The graphs don't have any data since the upgrade.

    There are new versions of the Outlook connector and the isync connector. I am just wondering what is the best way to deploy these to all the clients.

    I updated the isync connector on one of the Mac's and this is the point that really worries me. There were no calendar/contact changes but I got at least four popups telling me that this sync will change data on the server/computer. This included "add" and "modify" .... what is happening there?

    And the isync connector documentation still says: "Calendar events, invitations, and meetings are synchronized back 150
    days and forward 150 days from when the sync happens." - which is not true (according to a previous support case)

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