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Thread: [SOLVED] sending/receiving mails confused

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    Default [SOLVED] sending/receiving mails confused

    Hello all,
    iam new in Zimbra mailserver and have some little problems with sending or receiving mails.

    Here are the main data.
    My domain name (fqdn):

    The hostname for the simbra server is:
    I have a reverse enrty thats works correct.

    My mail-domain is: also the defaultdomain within Simbra and for using e-mails.

    ZMcontrol shows no errors ans all is running least it seems so, because i have a strange problem.

    In the MTA Seetings the given domainname is (webmail MTA hostname):
    With this entry i can receive mails without problems, but sended mailsl doesnt work. Webmail shows " Your mail was send", but they never reach the Receipents.

    When i change the MTA hostname to , i can send mails, but now i canīt receive mails. I have tried all possible solutions, but i cant understand whats wrong here.

    When i start a simple mailserver like Mercury, all works fine and without any problems.

    Any ideas wehre i can search for a solution?


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